How Much Are Your Trees Worth, Houston?

Do you know how much your trees are worth Houston? Well rest assured the city of Houston knows the dollar amount that its trees are worth. The city of Houston settled the 5th case of unpermitted tree removal for a whopping $300,000! The trees removed in this case were an estimated 20-30 inches in diameter and were planted a couple of decades ago by Trees for Houston. There were 6 oak trees in total that were removed from a commercial property. These trees were located in the “rights of way” also referred to as the “devil strip” depending on the part of the United States you are located. This is the area between the street and privately or commercial owned property. Many property owners get confused about this particular strip of property. Houston required permits to be filed in order for residents to remove certain species of trees.

This was not the first lawsuit that has been filed in the city of Houston in regards to trees being removed. The mayor’s administration has now recovered 1.1 Million dollars in revenue from illegal tree removal in the city. The mayor Parker has been quoted in saying “The trees in the right of way belong to all Houstonians.” Which brings us to our point, homeowners, property owners, and tree services alike should be familiar with the laws pertaining to tree removal procedures and permits. Not following the permit policies in the city of Houston can be a costly mistake. Removing a tree without a permit is the same as damaging any other city property. If a tree in the rights of way is removed without proper permitting the property owner will be penalized to the full extent of the law in Houston. We appreciate the city of Houston’s dedication to preserving our trees. Homeowners need to always be cautious with the tree services they are willing to hire. Make sure that all permits are filed and approved before any tree in the right of ways gets trimmed or removed.

If you need a tree service in Houston that is able to charge affordable prices for top notch tree removal services, Branchbusters Tree Service is the company for you. We hope to be able to work with you in the near future on any of your tree service projects. Don’t forget Houston, keep it safe and keep it legal.