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Our Mission

Branchbusters’ mission and goal is to assure you, our customer, that when we are hired to perform a service for you that you are hiring a company that is very skilled and qualified. We are big enough to handle all tree service needs, but small enough to give individual attention to you, our customer’s needs. We are equipped with the latest technology of tools and know how.

About Us

Branchbusters has been satisfying customers since 1990. We have provided tree services and other related landscaping and site clean-up services to Houston and surrounding counties. We have grown as a company and now provide other needed services with our fully qualified staff. We are happy when you are happy as our customer.

The company owner, Kirby White, and his professional team of tree service experts provide services for a large residential and commercial customer base in the Houston area. We have extensive knowledge of the trees and shrubs that are native in this area and can provide you with the expert advice and customized service that you need. If you are just starting to landscape your property and are looking for information on what and where to plant, we will be happy to consult with you and offer suggestions based on our professional knowledge and experience.

Many people rely on a big company to select their contractors. We know you want trustworthy service and that is what we have always provided and will continue to do so without relying on a big company to send us our referrals. Our referrals come from our customers.

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The Best Tree Service in Houston

Knowing the quality of services that a tree service can provide is crucial when making a final decision on a tree service. Tree removal and even tree trimming can be extremely dangerous so it is imperative that you use a Houston company that has years of experience.

The more experience a tree service has, the less likely it will be for an incident to take place. If you choose to hire an inexperienced tree service, you risk improper tree service and property damage. Almost anyone can cut down a tree, but to be able to do it safely without causing harm to your property or others is another story.

If you receive quotes from several tree services and one is substantially lower than the others, you should definitely ask yourself why their quote is so much lower. Many times the tree services that offer unusually low prices are not carrying the proper insurance. If a tree service has had multiple incidents insurance companies will not insure the company or they will insure the company at a very high rate. Therefore tree services prone to incident will opt not carry insurance or cannot be insured. The risks you accept when you hire an inexperienced tree service far outweigh the rewards.

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Tree Service Houston TX